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STEAM Spaces

The hallways and grounds of Rocky Branch Elementary School offer a variety of settings where STEAM learning occurs. 

There are numerous gardens on campus, including vegetable gardens, a pollinator garden, and a monarch waystation. These gardens are used  to enrich environmental instruction and learning.  Students harvest produce from the garden to deliver to families in need. 


The galleries at RBES provide flexible spaces where students can create and/ or showcase various art forms. 


The MakerSpace is part of our Media Center. Students use the MakerSpace as a creative outlet or an opportunity for hands-on, creative ways to design, experiment, create, and/or build.

Imagination Station

In the Imagination Station, students work on technology integration as well as designing, building, and creating solutions to challenges or problems. 

Collaboration Corners

Each grade level features a Collaboration Corner. Students use this space to work collaboratively on STEAM projects, labs, and to work with our STEAM partners. 

Outdoor Learning

In the outdoor learning space, students engage in hands-on learning while connecting with nature. 


Expected Completion Date:

Oct. 2020

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